Monday, October 15, 2007

0 Robbie vs Horse in St Eloois Winkel

Hot! Robbie just beat a celebrated race horse,Baron, to a 400 metre sprint, winning by more than a bike length.
Top speeds were between 54 and 58 kmph. Interestingly if you put that into perspective in U.S units, thats like 33 to 36 miles per hour, this being without a leadout train. Thats over 1000 watts of power. Note the distance, 400 meters. It'll take 14-16 seconds to complete. Ofcourse, Robbie was probably casual at best, enjoying the festivities at the 151th Kermisdinsdag in St. Eloois Winkel (whereever on earth that is!!), but hey, I mean, I can manage that speed if I put some more training in there... !! I can do 33 mph if my legs are fresh. Sa-h-weeet...

Btw, don't you feel Robbie will make a great jockey? At 5 feet 5, giggle giggle...


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