Tuesday, October 30, 2007

0 Iranians on bicycle campaigns

I'm not very political minded, however, just a word of kudos to Iranian cyclists who have been cycling around the world in a campaign of peace. I've been reading a lot about them...

Sadly the Miles for Peace campaign was not funded enough


Two Iranians have pedaled their bicycles for 2,860 kilometers in 25 days in Eastern Africa to complete their tour known as peace and civilization round.

Hamed Solhivand and Hossein Aboo-Maashzadeh have arrived in Dares Salaam at the end of their gruelling trek that took them to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Pedal pushers carries an article about Reza Baluchi,who biked some 46000 miles as part of a political asylum mission.

Middle East times carries an article on 31 year old Mohammad Tajeran who completed a world tour on his bicycle on a campaign of tree planting. Very cool!

Cycling news wrote about an Iranian who planned on riding all around the Caspain Sea (6000 kms or so) to raise awareness of environmental issues in the area.

There are tons of other links if you Google it out. A lot of Iranians have been on their bicycles lately, and its just amazing what these people, or anyone can do for that matter, with a two wheeler.


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