Saturday, October 13, 2007

5 Brooks "Swallow" 2007 Limited Edition

Brooks baby. in Titanium!!! The most comfortable seat in the world just got more expensive! Om bling bling!! Note the screw on the underside of the nose. I am curious what that is for.

Included in the new Swallow treasure box :

  1. Hand stitched edges
  2. New clasp underneath
  3. New stronger titanium frame and rails
  4. New adjustment mechanism
  5. New numbered Owner's certificate
  6. Presentation box include Proofhide tin (what on earth is that?? I see it in the picture but..)
  7. Special Brooks Swallow chromed wrench
  8. Brooks buffing cloth
  9. Brooks waterproof saddle cover
Here's an alternative review from Bike Radar. It includes tips on how to care for the saddle.

Now swallow hard. All this for 750 dollars! I don't know how comfortable the Swallow is (c'mon, its a brooks though), but it sure will swallow your wallet. Want to get a piece of pure class in this exotic makeup? For ordering info, click here.


  1. I have a 2007 Swift titanium that I use on my steel roadie.

  2. The tin has some goop in it that you rub on the saddle to weather proof it. The screw is to tighten the leather across the saddle because the saddle has no mold under it. It is basically just leather stretched tight from the back to the front. When it gets saggy, you give the screw a few turns. However, beware. Once you get to the end of the screw, the saddle can't be adjusted anymore and will have to be replaced.

  3. Wow Chris, no kidding!! You actually have this stuff...

    You enlightened me on those two things. Thank you. This is all very interesting, I've never owned a Brooks!

  4. YOu didn't spend 750, did you? ;)

  5. Ron - I think I paid 275 for it. It is standard issue, not limited edition. Check my blog post for April 27th or so of 2007.


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