Saturday, September 29, 2007

0 Bike Testing for you, So you won't have to do it..

This company's business sounds like a great idea. They take bike components or frames and do tests for bending, stiffness, bearing friction, torsion and other destructive and non destructive types. If they have the item you wish to test with them, they'll take it from their stock, else you'll have to mail yours to them. Either way, they do what you ask them to do. After the tests are done they sent you a personalized report with results and how the numbers compare to other components. The whole concept sounds awesome. No more will one have to rely on "junk science" from the marketing folks, or hunt for websites having something said about your item in objective terms. Or even waste time and money doing it yourself.

However, after many tries of contacting the people at the company I have given up. Should any of you know if they still exist, do get in touch with me.


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