Monday, July 23, 2007

0 Templates, to do or not to do?

Chucking out a template from the WWW is easy as eating apple pie. Not until I discovered bandwidth problems have hit my template and its going whack. When I do get more time, I'll look for a rarer species.

Meanwhile I completed a hard century in the hills of East Aurora with buddy Kina last Saturday. At some points , I arrived at near to heat exhaustion in the sub 80 degree temperatures... not to mention the fact that I had 25 pounds worth of water and supplies on my back as I climbed mighty Centerline. Hey, not recommended... but I feel you get better pushing yourself. Thats fine...

Im more confident to ride to the Aurora's and I'll be doing hills there more often.

This is a week of active recovery from the past days of hard riding. Upsetting is the fact that the UB criterium race is contantly being thwarted by the wet summer this July. So I hope I can get to race one more before I do some nice rides in August, mainly the Tonga Denali Tri State Tour.



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