Sunday, January 21, 2007

0 I'm Back!

Alright, its a weekend here after the first week of classes. Some of the courses I'm taking are exciting. As I read about governing equation derivations for my computational fluid dynamics class (CFD - a technique of solving fluid equations numerically on a computer), here is an article I read this evening about CFD applications in sport equipment study - especially in cycling equipment. High tech modern cycling is much about light equipment and aerodynamic design, and there is staunch competition in the market between different manufacturers. A common CFD application that is used to study flow fields around a bicycle design is FLUENT. Here is this article discussing a study on crosswind effects on a cyclist with a rear solid disk wheel as opposed to normal wheel with spokes. The article discusses solid disk advantages and disadvantages, clearly illuminated by FLUENT.

Great way to start the new year is to study some interesting courses and work hard from the start!


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