Friday, December 08, 2006

0 Simple Creative Activity - SIX ..

I clearly remember having seen this sometime back in high school. I remember exclusively that it made me think for a while before I came up with a solution.

The problem?

Consider the Roman Number for number 9 . Convert it to a 6 with just one stroke of your pen.

Convert IX to 6 with one stroke.

How would you do that right? Figure it out. Its a trick question, but the hint is to think "outside the box". Don't think too hard though.

Perhaps children would answer this one immediately.


Answer : Using one stroke, write the letter 'S' before IX. you have SIX!

My best friend answered this one in 5 minutes. Apparently, you've got to stop thinking of the Roman Numeral as a Roman Numeral! What does 'IX' sound like? I-C-S right? So, then she saw the connection between the letter S and the "I-C-S" sounding word.



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