Friday, October 13, 2006

3 Snow Buries Buffalo!

Snowiest October Day in Pictures :

You'd think that a little bit of snow is beautiful and harmless.

Not when its here in Buffalo. Welcome to the snowiest October day in Buffalo's 137 year history!

Just when I imagined I'd have nothing to blog on this week, here comes 60 cms of snow from the sky, falling on Buffalo for over 6 hours. The day was looking good yesterday, when suddenly, flurries broke out. In no time, the area was having a snow storm and piles of 'those ugly things from the sky' were falling all over the place. Over the course of the evening and night, hundreds of people lost power and scores of trees and tree limbs were downed. The Detroit Free Press claims we have had 60 cms of snow, and its 2 feet thick. The international section of the Hindu says more than 220,000 people lost power at their homes. I can't imagine what most would do in a situation like that, when heating is a must.

Students were least prepared for this. The South Campus of the university has lost power, and some of north campus had too, but now things seem alright and back to normal at north. However, due to all the disruption the snow has done on campus, school was officially closed today till 5pm.

After a small brunch,I went out into the cold to get back some pictures. Literally, the clock of the university stopped running this morning. The wind and the squelch of my boots were the only things I could hear for a while. More pictures of today's turmoil at my Flickr Album here.

I hope I can go running or biking on Sunday, when the temperature is forecasted to shoot up slightly.


  1. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I am dring if some day, I can fly to such places with my private airplane.

    Have you got out to play with snow? Maybe it is too cold. Can you take some picture with some little bird or red flower in the white snow? T


  2. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Sorry, I meant I am dreaming, sorry for the typo.


  3. There aren't red birds on campus, bosson. but if i get a nice view, i'll snap it.


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