Monday, September 11, 2006

0 I'm back in the U.S!

The ride was good. 100, maybe more people, headed out to Canada yesterday for two seperate rides - a 60 and a 100 mile.

We crossed Peace Bridge smoothly into Canada and rode along the Niagara Parkway. As our trip neared the Falls, the roads got wetter, the shoulder disappeared and suddenly, we were riding past lots of cars and a sea of tourists. We stayed on that road for something like 40 miles. I had a chance to ride with a friend from where I work, Larry Mordue who operates the energy management computer system at UB's Chilled Water Plant at North Campus. He had a friend over from Ithica who also happened to ride yesterday.

The view of the Falls was precious. A part of the ride went over the water, and I cannot tell you how breathtaking the view was. Friends behind joked that 'its not a good idea to dive off to the right'. Other saw how fast I was riding and resorted to the idea of putting stones in my bag, so customs would catch me at the border.

We saw the Brock's Monument, a towering structure, which has been closed since 2 years due to the ongoing restoration work. It was near a designated rest stop from where we had berries and melons, water and bananas for free.

Later that evening, after 60 miles of riding, I decided to stay over night at a cheap motel. The following day, I rode alone and crossed the span of the Peace Bridge, visited customs officials at the border, got my paperwork done, and I was back in the U.S. Once I got into downtown Buffalo, I raced myself on the route back to UB and made it there in about 40 minutes.

No pictures this time for such a memorable ride. Lame excuse is that I ran out of batteries for my camera. But real good times. My Canadian visa expires in 6 months, so I might go back there once again.

Its a ride you'll never forget if you undertake it, especially for the first time like me.

I've got cold knees, a sore Vastus Medialis and I need some food before class at 3pm. Good times.


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