Thursday, September 21, 2006

0 How "Thin" is Fashion Thin?

Somewhere below 18-25 BMI (Body Mass Index) 'Safe Zone' recommended by UN Health Experts.

Fashion is an illusion, and is far from reality. Besides, I've always wondered how draping some fibres on anorexic or near to anorexic women can make any significant fashion statement. What is the fashion? The clothes? Or to stay gaunt like that? Honestly, if it weren't for a bunch of fashion shows notorious for displaying stick-like human figures in clothes, many young girls and even some women, particularly in Western countries, would appear healthier and have far lesser risks for disease,mental and physical ill-health etc. Wait, maybe I can't generalise that these populations of females are particularly influenced by fashion shows. But the argument is that some are!

And maybe a good note in this direction would be the recent banning of 5 superthin models from Madrid's Top Annual Fashion show, the Pasarela Cibelas. The models who were over 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighed less than 121 pounds were all rejected. A lesson for London or New York, perhaps?

But things are pretty different in the music scene. Quoting from this morning's edition of India's Hindustan Times (Delhi Edition),

Thankfully, in the world of music, women like Shakira and Beyonce are already seen to be way 'cooler' than, say, Avril Lavigne, or shudder, Paris Hilton. A greater nudge in the direction of curves, rather than diktats, should do the trick in the fashion world.


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