Thursday, August 31, 2006

0 UB Wins!

I went to one of my few football games (I'm not a fan!) tonight at our stadium. UB was playing Temple University, Ohio. We went in there about close to half time. We, meaning my American friends, who had all loaded some beers in the dorm room! Cool, so they were all wild, and I wondered how enjoyable this game would be, considering that UB is ranked number 2 from the bottom!!! Wait, Temple is ranked last! Its the worst, 139 out of 139. Ok, so maybe we do stand a chance.

We hit the front most bench, and started screaming right away "temple sucks!!! go back to Ohio!!" and so on. As soon as a lady sitting behind us heard this, she signaled that "this is a sensitive spot", meaning she was a temple fan! Soon enough, we found out she was actually from Buffalo! She even worked at UB. But she was for the Titans this time since her son in law was a coach there!

I'll tell you, I don't know too much about football, although I try hard to remember that if a person from your team runs and crosses the last line on the other teams side, we score!! The subtleties of the game are not for me.

Boy, the game was at 0-0 for almost 3/4th of the game, when we scored a touchdown! And then we missed a field goal! And then we missed a vital catch! And then they score!! Last 3-4 minutes, when the crowd began to slowly empty their seats and as my friends got more liquor in Pepsi bottles, UB scores!!!! 6-3 I believe and the game is over! Victory is ours!! Haha, its funny how I was going nuts the whole time inspite of my deliberate ignorance! I was really enjoying a football
game on home ground, when at all other times, we have lost black and blue! This one is for the papers man! Why, we might have just climbed in rankings in the Division A.

So after the UB fans wildly rush out into the play field, I leave the stadium alone, since my other friends were too stoned to follow after.

I also have homework to do for tomorrow and a possible afternoon bike ride with our club (UBCC).

By the way, Saturday might be very wet and windy. 10 hours of precipitation is most likely, since Ernesto is going to discharge its contents on us, so to speak.


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