Monday, August 21, 2006

0 Fall 2006 plans

My cycling goals in the months of Sept-Oct is to add another 1000 miles onto my bike and my body. Well, with the busy semester, I'm only half sure this would work out. Nevertheless, I have scribbled my mileage plans onto my diary and I think I'll soon put it up on my google calender.

I'm also looking forward to riding the Canada-America 100 mile tour on Sept 10. With my Canadian Visa Application still in its making, I hope nothing gets turned down when I present it to the counsulate. The details for the tour is on the Niagara Frontier Bicycle website. Click Here.

The ride, as far as I know, begins from Lake Laselle on the Buffalo waterfront. It kicks with 28 miles in Ontario, along the Niagara Parkway. Plenty of sights such as the Brock's Monument, glimpses of the Erie Lake and other historic appetizers are along the way before the arrival of Niagara Falls. After getting back into the United States through the Lewiston-Queenston bridge, we ride up north to Fort Niagara and then East into Wilson and other towns. Its a loop that traces its way back to Lasalle Park. That would be about 60-70 miles. Like I said, I'm greatly looking forward to treat my digital camera to the sights on this ride, and post them up here to share the excitement.

What better way there is to visit Canada for the first time in my life on a bicycle?


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