Thursday, October 18, 2007

No one's interested in Arokiasamy's Tour of America idea! Thats for sure...!

Inflatable balls mounted in tire keeps flats away? Shown in interbike '07..

A wooden bike for project Rawanda. A little more reinforcement needed for the seat post?


  1. The timing of the proposed race shows that they are attacking the weakest grand tour - The Vuelta. That race has been in decline for years and these guys are trying to take advantage of that. I actually hope we do get a big race in the states, but this one would be too long and needs to be better thought out.

  2. I agree. More rethinking.

    That many miles and so many days of racing is going to wear out the riders. Its not a bad idea, I mean if RAAM, one of the toughest endurance events can be held here in the U.S, so can a grand cycling tour. (I just hope it'll pass through my town :) )

  3. Or they can better races like they already have - california, georgia... and bring races to other states. Instead of one giant mammoth of a race that not many riders and teams will be interested in...specially the UCI!


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